These hinges were reproduced from a 100 year old house in Detroit Michigan.  After using a shutter template to make new shutters I came up short on hinges that I needed to put them up.  The house half of the hinge was in place on the house so I did not make those.

These hinges are pretty unique I did a lot of web surfing and I could not find anything like them for sale.  I do see a number of houses in my neighborhood that have the house half of the hinge on there house but no shutters.

The last picture in the group shows the pair of hinges (house and shutter) I'm showing the house hinge so you can compair it with what you have on your house.  The other pictures shows all views of the hinge that I am selling  The originals are made of cast iron mine are made of cast steel.  They are steel only because it is hard to find anyone that does cast iron.


Please Email me if you have any questions. 

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